The ONE Touristy Tour In Salzburg, Austria You Must Do


Salzburg is a city chiseled into the alps of Austria, about 2.5 hours from Vienna and 1.75 hours from Munich by train. Known for its baroque architecture, pristine preservation of Old Town, and the birthplace of Mozart, you will not run out of things to see in this city rich with history.

Although Austrians do not typically highlight this, Salzburg is also famous for the stunning scenery provided in the largest grossing musical of all time, The Sound of Music. The musical was released in 1965 with a focus on family values, triumph over adversity, and, of course, beautiful melodies that are still popular today.

When I took my girls to this beautiful country, they were ages 10 and 9, the same age I was when swinging on the swing sets in my backyard singing Do-Re-Mi and I Have Confidence. Salzburg was a last minute addition to our trip, so I had not planned much ahead of time, but I had heard recommendations for the Sound Of Music tour. Ordinarily, I prefer to stay away from touristy “traps”, which end up being overpriced shortcuts for things you could easily plan yourself with a little research. But sometimes, it is totally worth it!

We took the bus tour, although if you go during the right time of the year, the bike tour would be a wonderful way to see the locations.

Mary Beth